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released May 17, 2017



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Kahnawake Hardcore, Est. 2016.

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Track Name: Ice Cold
A free spirit and a bit of a lost soul
Again you find yourself trapped in the same hole
Before you know it you'll be feeling
the cold
Cause when a warm heart freezes
you can't break through the mold

A guilty conscience and a bit of
broken heart
I'd tell you all about it but I don't
know where to start
If I could show you myself falling
There's no doubt you'd reach out
to get a piece of the art

These are the pieces of a damaged
Drifting apart despite him doing
everything that he can

These are the fragments of a fractured brand
Losing touch despite there clearly
being lines in the sand

The divide

These are the ashes of an ageless
Burning away for every shameless
act this world has seen

This is a sickness bursting at the seams
Taking it's course for every hellion without the means

To survive

How far would you go
Before you forget your soul
You must have lost it to the man
with the eyes of coal

How much will you show
Before you're considered sold
Don't try to act like you're the one
with the heart of gold

Ice cold
Track Name: Made of Would
I've grown bitter
Through the poisoned earth
No longer measured by your
Just how much you're worth

Above the pillar where the air sits
The constant troubles offer
purpose to the struggles within

I've grown stronger
Through the darker days
But I'm still trying to kick the habits
of my old ways

Below the ladder of a broken
They just won't realize that they're
dragging us down with them

I'm made of would
Splintered from the wear
If I still could, I'd take that break of
fresh air

I'm made of would
Left drying in the sun
If I could go back, I'd swear I'm
not the only one
Track Name: Blurry Visions
The line breaks here
The pain takes hold
The time draws near
A loss foretold

So you, threw me in a cage
and locked me away
Because you claim I never had a
fucking dream for you to use

Uneven outlines
Make a break in the soothe
So let reality sink in with all the shit
you're been through

End of the fuse
It's what you choose

If life
was he way
it used to be
then maybe I would have a little bit
of sympathy

These are blurry visions
Put a crack in the view
So let integrity evaporate and find a
new muse

Find a new muse
Broken and used

I sure could use a change of pace
For far too long I've been lost in this
fucked up place
I think it's time to go against the
I'd better move my ass before I get
caught in the rain

I thought I knew that look on your
Not far enough have we travelled to
be gone without a trace
I think it's time to go against the
I'd rather not just be another link in
your chain
Track Name: Twice Broken, Third Time's The Charm
Rise up
And overcome
Don't be afraid to show them
All the damage done
We will not stop
Until we find a reason
A reason that we can hold on to
when we're lost and there is
nothing left

With broken minds they will
crumble beneath this
A singe gesture and they're falling
to pieces

With broken thoughts they will lose
their ground
They'll never know that we will be
forever left unbound

Twice broken, third time's the
There's nothing left for you to harm

Stand up
Show them they're wrong
They can't evade conviction
After the deed is done
They will not stop
Until they're scarred with treason
And we are left with only words
that no longer resemble what they
once meant
Track Name: Snake In The Grass
This one goes out to all the
The traitors
You know who you are
The takers
Waste makers
You won't make it far
The monsters
One day you'll be
And there will be no one to care

You've got a hard face telling me
what I should do
Why don't you get your shit
together and get out of the blue
I'm dying here trying to make sense
of it all
But I won't need a scapegoat when
I break my fall

You fucking snake

So tell me all about hate
Since you know it so well
Keep telling me about how you
think you're a hollow shell
I swear I'm over all the bullshit you sell
Because I'd rather have a clue than
not be able to tell

You fucking snake
Track Name: Untitled
In the shadow
Cast by the obelisk
We still insist
On waiting
For the sun
To guide us
To nurture us
The only one Who can save us
From ourselves

The tides
Will take you away
The faces of man
Twisted and grey

Brought by the waters
Our ungodly fathers
Soldiers of fortune
Masked with contortion
Slowly but surely
The embers stop burning
The ashes were here from the start
A landmark of a people torn apart

In all honesty
There will never be
If we cannot
Find it on our own